Why you should brand your website.

By Erin Gleig, EMG Design

brand your business website

What is a brand promise?

At the heart of branding is a promise that your organization makes to your audience. The brand promise tells the audience who you are, what you believe in, and what unique value you provide. The ability to fulfill your promises at every stage of the relationship is the defining factor for success or failure.

Why is branding your business important?

The benefits of having a branding identity for your company are significant. You build customer loyalty and increase the perceived value of your product or service—which allows you to increase prices, increase market share, and make it easier to launch new products or services. The key to developing a brand is to remain authentic, relevant, consistent, and committed.

Branding your website is important for large corporations and small businesses alike. Choosing consistency in fonts, colours, imagery, and overall emotion can help support your visual identity and brand.

branding your website
Branding your website will increase trust with your user.

Brand your Website

Branding your website is important for large corporations and small businesses alike. Choosing consistency in fonts, colours, imagery, and overall emotion can help support your visual identity and brand. Showing your personality in your business branding is one way to convey your brand promise to your audience. The tone in your writing is also a way to convey your brand promise. Are you more personable or formal? These decisions should be planned before starting your web design. You will save yourself many hours of work, as well as have a more cohesive design. If you’re hiring a web designer, ask if they offer branding services beforehand. You may have to hire a branding agency or a copywriter before hiring your designer.

Overall, plan ahead. Get your marketing strategy complete. Apply your marketing strategy to your brand strategy. What is your niche? What problems are you solving for your desired customer? How can you support your brand promise to them? As a business owner, you know your company best. Think about these questions before designing your website. The result will be a website that supports your brand promise and your product’s perceived value.

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Erin Gleig

Erin Gleig

Erin Gleig builds marketable online identities for Arts, Culture and Non-profit organizations. She is the owner of EMG Design, a digital design studio in Delta, Canada. Connect with Erin at Twitter @designemg.

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