Website Strategies for Canadian Business

By Erin Gleig, EMG Design

website strategies

Website strategies are an important part of planning a business website. Canadians spend an average of 28 hours a week online. With the amount of time, they spend online their comfort level with purchasing products and services online has substantially increased over the past five years.  Even though business owners know they should have a website in today’s marketplace, many don’t.

Why do businesses delay creating online identities for their business? Some business owners are not comfortable with technology. Others don’t have time. Many Canadian businesses are at a loss when it comes to what content they should put on a website. What website strategies should businesses use to appeal to the Canadian consumer?

Here 4 website strategies for your business.

User Experience (UX Design)

You’ve most likely heard the term ‘UX Design’ referred to in the past several years. User Experience Design, or UX Design, is an important aspect of web design. What is UX Design?

User Experience Design…is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product. (Source: Wikipedia)

website strategies

Great UX Design helps achieve your marketing goals.

UX Design is referring to the visitor’s interaction with your website. Is the website easy to learn? A business website must be functional, reliable and usable. Visitors will leave if the information they’re looking for is hard to find. Connecting a user’s goal with a business goal is a great example of UX Design.

Research is a key element of UX Design. When you are planning your website, think of the user.

Who are you trying to attract to your website?

What are your business goals for the website?

It’s in a business owner’s best interest to plan out a good user experience. Planned out websites create better user experiences. This results in a lower bounce rate and more returning visitors.  Viable leads! Positive interaction with your website creates trust building.  Great UX Design helps achieve your marketing goals.

Website Strategies for Business

Some great UX Design web strategies are:

  • Use white space
  • Keep your page speed low to keep your bounce rates low
  • Use well-designed call-to-actions
  • Targeted content and images according to your business goals
  • Differentiate your hyperlinks

Consistent Branding

Website strategies change as consumers demand more. One strategy that will remain the same is consistent branding. Branding should be the same for all mediums. By having consistent branding you will build your brand awareness. Goal driven design improves your image of professionalism. What is your target market? What motivates them? Researching what your market is before creating material for your site is the first step.

Website strategies change as consumers demand more. One strategy that will remain the same is consistent branding.

Make it Mobile!

Website Strategies

Making your website mobile responsive is an important website strategy. Making your website mobile responsive is an important website strategy. Mobile usage continues to grow as consumers become more comfortable with technology. In 2015, Canadians spent more time on mobile devices than desktop computers (Source: Comscore). Business websites need to be responsive and adaptive in planning their content online.  Mobile users access different information than a desktop user. Developing a content strategy for each device will increase the ease of your website

Work in Progress!

My final point is websites are a continuing work in progress. Your website will need updating to remain relevant for the next five years.

  • Create new content that is useful for your viewer. Content needs to be fresh. Search engines like new useful content.
  • Have an active social media campaign.
  • Include internal and external links in your business website.
  • Protect your site from security breaches

When developing your business website, keep the consumer in mind. There are many other website strategies that you should consider when developing your website. This short list should get you started. The main point is to keep the consumer in mind when planning your business website, not the business owner. Provide great content that is accessible and uses best practices in SEO and you are well on your way to a great business website.

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Erin Gleig

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