Top 3 items to include on your Business Website Homepage

By Erin Gleig, EMG Design

Top 3 items to include on your homepage

A well-designed business website homepage can save you money. By planning out your business homepage and clearly identifying your goals for your business website you can retain customers and improve your bottom line. Here are the top three items to include on your business homepage.

What is Above-the-fold content?

Above-the-fold content is referring to what initially a user can view when the website first loads. This is the section that loads first and gives the first impression of your website.

1. Who are you?

Three main objectives should be made in the above-the-fold area. First, it should introduce your company. Who are you? Make it clear what your company is. It is surprising how this basic detail gets forgotten. This may be your first introduction to your user. Learn more about branding your website with these articles:

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2. What should the user do?

Second, it should direct the user where they could go next. Have a primary goal for your website and make it clear on your homepage what you want the viewer to do. You do not want the viewer to be distracted by your secondary goals such as signing up for your email newsletter or checking out your social media. Have a primary goal for your website and make it clear on your homepage what you want the viewer to do.

Top 3 Items to include on your homepage


Provide a single clear call-to-action on your homepage to move users through your sales funnel.

3. Have a clear CTA

And lastly, your business website homepage should provide a single clear call-to-action. Think about what your main goal of the website is to help you decide this. If you’re a consultant, your main goal may be to book more new clients, so an appointment link would be a good CTA for your above-the-fold section of your website.

By making it clear the who you are, what you want your user to do and provide a clear call-to-action you will retain your users by increasing their trust. There are many other items I would include, such as your business address, phone number, benefits of your product/service etc. I wrote an article detailing my local business website checklist here.

What would you include as your top 3 items for a business webpage? Comment below!

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Erin Gleig

Erin Gleig

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