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Read Alberta Website

Book Publishers Association of Alberta

Read Alberta Website Development


The Book Publishers Association of Alberta approached me to develop a magazine-style website promoting their program Read Alberta. The initiative promotes Alberta publishers, booksellers, libraries and authors. 


This website required dynamic information to be displayed in publisher, bookseller and library systems profiles. It also had several different post category templates that dynamically processed information according to the users request. 

BPAA wanted to have two different book-related plugins integrated within post templates to recall information about specific books as well as list availability in local bookstores.


Highly recommended. It was wonderful to see a new-and-improved version of my vision for the website.

You are so calm, yet efficient. Also, an excellent listener for my sometimes rambling ideas. Also, your grace in the way you discouraged my bad ones.

Anna Boyar
Anna Boyar
Project Manager, Read Alberta