Landing Pages 101

By Erin Gleig, EMG Design

Landing Pages for Service-based Business

Developing Landing pages for your Service-based Business

An important part of your online marketing strategy is landing pages for your service-based business. What’s the difference between a homepage and a landing page? Why does it convert paid traffic more successfully? Here are some strategies and tips when planning your landing pages for your service-based business.

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What is a Landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they have clicked on an ad. Most landing pages one objective – known as a Call to Action (CTA). A landing page is usually connected to a Google Adwords campaign. This means that the traffic to your landing page is paid traffic; not organic (unpaid).

An important part of your online marketing strategy is landing pages for your service-based business.

The Difference between a Homepage vs. Landing Page.

Landing pages for Service Providers

Landing pages have one focused objective for the user to complete. Typically, landing pages don’t have navigation menus. They have one link that moves the user down your sales funnel. A homepage, on the other hand, has many different options for the user to complete. They have multiple links throughout the page giving the user many different journeys through your website. For a checklist of homepage, items read my local business website checklist.

Putting one CTA on a landing page has proven to increase conversions dramatically when compared to linking your website homepage to a paid advertising campaign.

Anatomy of a Landing Page

The layout of your landing page is important and can impact your conversion rate. First, your headline should match your copy from your paid ad. Users are interested in this information and will get frustrated if the page is about something else. Your CTA should be above-the-fold. This is what your user sees when the web page first loads.


Landing pages that use video have a higher conversion rate because video can convey the brand message better. It means your visitor will spend more time on your page. AND...Google likes video! You will rank higher in search results using video.

Increase your web visitors understanding of your product or service by showing it in context. Keep your content direct and to the point and eliminate unnecessary copy. Keeping your audience focused on one main goal for the web page. Use real testimonials for proof that someone previous has used your product or service and benefited from it.


Adding the photo of the person talking about your product or service will increase the believability that this was a real person.

Offering a free trial of your product or a free intro call if you’re a service can increase your conversion rate. This offers a zero risk scenario to your user.

Goals for Landing pages

Essentially, every element on your landing page for your service-based business should support the primary goal of the web page. Unlike a homepage, it has one action you want your visitor to do. Your headline and body copy should reflect the keywords used in the paid advertisement linking your landing page. Keep the content focused on one single goal for the user to complete and support your product or service with testimonials.

If you are interested in having landing pages for your service-based business developed for your small business, send me a note through my contact page. I’d love to discuss your project with you.

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Erin Gleig

Erin Gleig

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