4 Ways to Make Your Website Save You Time.

By Erin Gleig, EMG Design

4 ways to your website save your time

Time is a precious resource. As busy entrepreneurs, we schedule every minute of our business day to be efficient. What if you could offload some of that work onto your business website? Save yourself time and end the frustration of dealing with dead ends and tedious tasks. Put your website to work! Think of your business website as your employee and make it work for you. It can be more than just promotional marketing material. We all want more time in our day, and your website can do at least some of the heavy lifting! Here are four ways to get your business website working for you and save you time. As the cliché goes, “Time is money!”

End the email chain.

I loathe endless email chains. They often require a few moments to decipher what is going on, and they’re a time suck. Recognize the following conversation? “When do you want to meet?” “This Wednesday at 4:30 pm.” “That doesn’t work for me” “How about this time?” “No, I’ve got XYZ then. How about…?” AHHHHHHHH! End this email chain and get an online appointment scheduler. If you’re a service provider or consultant this will be a life saver. Many online scheduling applications are easily integrated into your business website. To avoid losing money on missed appointments from forgetful clients, set up reminders. Some programs have payment options in their programs and can be branded to your visual identity. I personally like Acuity Scheduling . There is a free option if you can’t swing the first tier payment option or just want a trial run.
Connect your Website to an Appointment Scheduler

There are plugin options with a one-time fee if you don’t want a monthly fee. Either way, when I put an online appointment scheduler on my website for clients, it saves me time. No more email chains trying to find a mutually agreeable time. Yay! Many clients will prefer this option as well, as emails are a pain and phone calls are even more obtrusive. You can make your online scheduler client-access only if you want it to remain private from the general public.

Generate Leads.

A website doesn’t replace networking or good old fashioned hustling, but it can generate leads through a landing page or email newsletter. Make your website a sales tool and clearly show on your website why your product or service is awesome. Conduct a freebie giveaway in exchange for email addresses. Not all people signing up will go any further down the sales funnel, but you can get some leads to follow through on. Saves you the time of cold-calling potential clients.

Quantify clients.

This idea pertains more to those who work as consultants, but once you receive an inquiry from your website, send them a link to your online questionnaire. This will quantify your clients and clarify the project. When you meet the client for the next meeting, you’ll already have a clear understanding of the project. Time saver! This process also helps client research, qualifying to you and your client if you’re a good fit. Respect your client’s time and make the questionnaire easy to fill out on their phone (mobile-responsive).


Some schedulers offer affiliate programs which can give you some extra revenue.

Target your niche market.

Not everybody needs your product or service. Branding your website saves you time in the long term by eliminating people who don’t match your company’s target market and increasing lead generation to those who do. By branding your website effectively you will save yourself time in that you’ll be attracting the right customer and not spinning your wheels on endless dead ends. By taking the time to develop a website strategy that incorporates these time saving actions you can make your company more efficient. That saved time could be spent on other business tasks, or just relaxing. Your business website has a job to do so put it to work. Comment below if you have further suggestions to save time with your website.

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Erin Gleig

Erin Gleig

Erin Gleig builds marketable online identities for Arts, Culture and Non-profit organizations. She is the owner of EMG Design, a digital design studio in Delta, Canada. Connect with Erin at Twitter @designemg.

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